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Feliz navidad!!

It’s Christmas Eve tonight! One more cycle completes, almost. One would think that after ten years of staying away from family during festivities, spending them in faraway lands, lonely hotel rooms, all by oneself, one might get used to being alone during these times, but boy am I wrong in assuming that I have mastered the skill of being all my myself? Sitting in the mall, sipping my Karak chai tea all by myself, while watching couples, families, friends, school kids, every single one of them is blessed with the company of a loved one in this particular night, I am guessing I am far from becoming the cold, aloof, solitude loving person that I pretend so hard to be. It’s always nice to be around loved ones. Isn’t it? 

As I ponder on my observations about myself relative to my surroundings, I am warmly reminded of my good times this evening last year, when I had the good fortune to be with my families. I hope I didn’t take those times for granted and made the most of it! Or may be, I did, just a little. Little enough to make me feel that what I had last year this time was invaluable. We all went to my small town’s only church, and saw it glittering with a thousand tiny lights. I am an atheist and probably the last person to pray, but it was serene to watch my mom, dad and husband pray, for whatever reasons they did. People singing songs, and having bonfires! It was one of the very few times when I really enjoyed being in my small town, Shibmandir. 

As much as I long for those times to come back, I cannot overlook the blessings that I gained these year! Sitting alone tonight, I feel grateful for being able to get back to making a living, take care of my parents, and while doing so see some of the amazing places of the world! 

Counting more blessings than ever! 

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