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Equalism is not about trying to shut the male up, 

neither it is about crouching down to one's bullshit and backing off.

It is far from playing the 'female card', 

or blaming every other person for her own junkyard.

It is not about wearing uncomfortable shoes in the name of empowerment,

neither it is about hiding one's own skin pigment.

It is not about exploiting men for your gain,

nor it is about letting the insecurities get into your brain.

Being a feminist has nothing to do with putting a male down,

it is in fact completely the other way around.

It is to stand up, and pay for your own share,

and to support your man with all your care.

It is to not expect free giveaways just because you are a girl,

or on every hardship, lie down and curl.

It is not about merely expecting equality,

but getting up, showing up, and establishing all that is equality.

It is about getting out there and putting food on the table,

and not expecting the man to look after every need of yours, no matter how feeble.

Break the stones, lift the sack, ride or drive, sing or dance, code or sell, read or teach,

but don't you just sit back and ever be a leech. 

Take equal ownership of every situation, 

be it a relation, occupation, separation or reputation.

Stand up for what is yours and only yours,

but also support others in getting what is theirs.

Feminism is Equalism and nothing less or more,

so let's offer our seats, buy gifts, and open that door,

for the weary, deary and the gentleman,

and be the example for the change that we all demand. 


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