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Hello fellow hooman, I am Jayshree Das (the kid with the straight face from the pic) but you can call me Jay/ JSD/ Das, whichever is easier to remember. I was born in a teeny tiny village in Sundarbans, the world's largest delta, in India. Then, the three months old was moved to Siliguri, which is again a small town in North Bengal, kind of in the foothills of Darjeeling. Sounds pretty right! It is. You must visit smaller towns like mine, at least once in your life time. It will make you appreciate your life. I have always been a shy kid in school, and when I grew up, it was mistaken for arrogance, (I am actually a very good company for a cup of coffee).


Anyway, fast forward 20 years, I kind of grew out of my shyness and managed to become a flight attendant. It was awesome. I flew to places I never imagined that I would ever see, met some pretty awesome people on the way, including this boy I fell in love with, and realized how bountifully big the mighty world is and I was no more than just an insignificant peck. And then COVID happened, and my awesome life of being a flight attendant came to a loud and screeching halt! I wouldn't sugar coat it; it was disappointing. Like a broken hearted 30 year old, I spent my days in reading, watching and contemplating. And was a result of all that. Thank you for a quick drop, and I really hope to see more of you, in this space of reading and contemplation.  


With love, Jay.

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