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He was born with riches,

he lived in a palace with grandeur by the beaches.

A king he called himself,

and his people called him the Guelph.

Even with all the prosperity he had,

he craved for a bit more tad.

That wish in his heart was heard by a fairy,

and she came in his dreams to give him all the wealth in the prairie.

 She said, 0 king I will give you what you want,

but know that there is no return from that rant.

The king woke up with joy,

 and hugged his queen, who did not know his ploy.

She immediately became gold,

leaving her body for the golden abode.

But filled with greed and applaud he touched everything in his reach,

And turned it into the gleaming peach.

He did not care if it was a human or a thing, until he got hungry and ordered for a feast,

the poor mind did not know that even the food was now a crease.

He touched the rice and it became gold,

and so did the fruits and the mould.

Alas! the king said and touched the water with his lips,

but his thirst remained unquenched as it turned into the metal chips.

Tired of his wish at last,

he begged for it to be the past.

But like the fairy said there would not be any going back,

hungry, dejected, and frustrated he left the palace for a shack.

But nothing changed his guilty wish,

which was now the cause of all the bish.

 The king stayed with nothing but gold,

and in days his deprived body gave up as his soul left for another abode.

The king eventually died in misery and crass,

and  thereafter they named him the Midas.

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