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Human life is meaningless,

a bottomless pit of unnecessary chores and things to do till we die…

we hurt others, knowingly unknowingly,

others wage wars,

there is hatred, selfishness in leaps and bounds just about everywhere,

and while all this is happening, humans make more humans, by procreating…

(Mind you, procreation creates families, and families are synonymous for warmth, love, safety,

but then gradually all the toxic air takes over and

it slyly replaces all these fuzzy feelings with hard and bitter emotions)

and this meaningless rut goes on in the name of democracy, communism, socialism, dictatorship, capitalism

and the list goes on and on,

and will go on till humanity eventually and hopefully ceases to exist.

We are churning into nothingness.

In this acutely meaningless world, and meaningless life,

I wish to be among the wise,

the wise who have chosen to acknowledge this raw truth in its truest, barest,

without a pinch of sugar and spice as it is form,

and have come to the conclusion

that life as it is, is hard,

and to make it worse, it is utterly meaningless too;

so the most and undoubtedly the only meaningful strand that can be and must be added to it, is this :

to make it easier for each other.

To make life easier for each other.

As much as I am trying to make it easier for me,

I will try the same for you,

and if it is a competition, I will hail it as unnecessary;

if it is game of tug of war,

I will know where to draw the line,

expecting you to know it too!

And if you don’t, then you my fellow earth dweller,

is an absolute and total waste of the only fuck that brought you into this world,

by the two people who could have done better things in that same time!

Like Beauty, Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Our truths might be very different from each other

or perhaps not,

but this is my truth,

this meaningless existence of my life,

and of the other eight billion or so.

J    S    D

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