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Kelly is a Creative editor, grammarian, and general writing polisher from Cape Town, South Africa. She has worked with independent authors and corporate clients in her career spanning over a few years now. She is passionate about helping young non-native English speakers to get their stories told in English. In Kelly's own words, '' I work very closely with writers and authors to ensure that I get a full understanding of every aspect of their stories. Gently, together we will expand on creative ideas, correct all grammar issues, ensure clarity, and polish up expressions of ideas; all while maintaining the true essence of your story.'' The Book Gully had the awesome opportunity to make a vodcast with this amazing and talented woman.

Click the link below to watch the vodcast.

Below is a brief about the entire editing process as shared by Kelly.

''How it works:

  1. We meet on Zoom so I can listen to a brief outline of your story told by you We will go through some sections of your writing together and discuss some creative options. This will give you an idea of how I work and how together we can bring colour, life and clarity to your piece.

  2. You send me the writing that you would like assistance with. I will do an initial word count and quote a price on this. Half of this amount will be paid upfront as a retainer before I begin editing your piece.

  3. We will have weekly 30 min meetings to discuss progress and suggestions. I will provide unlimited weekly meetings until you are completely satisfied with your work.

  4. On completion of your work, a new word count will be calculated and the balance will be paid.

Where it works:

  1. All documents will be shared and edited via google drive, this allows for simultaneous editing.

  2. All meetings will be held on Google meet. Once you have made an appointment for a meeting you will receive a meeting invitation from me.

  3. All payments can be made via Paypal and the details will be included in your initial quote.

How much:

  1. $20.00 per 1000 words. Please be reminded that this includes all meetings and revisions.''

Get in touch with THE BOOK GULLY to book a chat with Kelly Hanegraaf for more information on her work and services.

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