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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Author: Lauren Weisberger

Total number of pages: 337

Total approximate words: 1,18,000


The protagonist is an underrated tennis player, and the plot is about her journey from being the world number 22 to the world number 2. The story unfolds cleverly not only into the physical hurdles of intense, long practice and fitness sessions, along with cut throat competitions, but also the many other aspects like rivalries with other top players, lack of a stable relationship, media frenzies, superficialities in the name of romance, and the non-stop self-sponsor travel all over the world for tournaments. The story also has homosexual characters which seamlessly fit into the main plot and add an extra oomph to its characterization. It is a straight forward story with unnecessary twists, and without excessive details. However, it justifiably takes the reader through the reasonable and not so boring details of the sport itself, which was integral to the entire story telling. Anymore details into the synopsis, I might as well tell you the story!

Did I like reading it?

Well of course, yes! The writing style is well paced. The character making is vivid to the point that I could actually hear the protagonist’s coach’s yelling as I read through the lines! I liked how the author portrayed the generally sensible human being and the selfish, vile and shallow ones through the different characters. I adored the story’s take on parenting, through the eyes of the protagonist’s father, and the mature relationship that a parent and a child are capable of forming between themselves. The Singles Game, was a quick read and between my flying schedule I finished the book in a week. Only because I enjoyed reading it!

A 7.5 star rating out of 10 for this beautiful book.

PS The author is also the writer of the book “The Devil Wears Prada”. That is ought to make you want to read this book.

Happy Reading!

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