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So, when I say time-travel, what comes in your mind?

Back to the future, Pre destination or something more divine.

But all that is fantasy,

That you and me dip us in like ecstasy.

Everyone wants to go to Europe, Japan, and Scandinavia.

Because, oh they are so forward in every nook, and corner and even in their trivia.

So, we go and see and experience the future,

Only to come back to my country to see the people with no sense of humor,

Or fervour,

Or even an ethical demeanour.

So, I see around and sigh,

While getting high,

And realise how much back in time have I come,

To see the time travel, of which a part I have become.

Of backwardness, and fake solidarity,

Is the place that I live in is nothing but a parody.

Fuck this shit.

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