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I live in a house connected to a path full of potholes,

with electricity that is as scarce as the traffic light poles.

The waste has no definitive place to be,

so everybody just dumps it in places that it is not supposed to be.

Education is mediocre, so is the general mindset,

along with every service and product that is out there in the market.

I pay the income tax the state tax and the center one too,

but it doesn't stop there as I pay cleanliness and consumer tax too.

After all these I would think that everything would be taken care of,

but then the next morning I hear the fuel and the gas tax once again take off.

They say the government is giving free treatment,

O yes, in hospitals that have half the facilities compared to the private segment.

Millions live below the poverty line, 

and yet billions are spent on religious shrines.

Where communal propagandas are deceptively encouraged,

and the constitution is foolishly ravaged.

All I want is a service that I have paid for,

but seems like a tad bit too much to procure.

How dare I demand the basic necessities,

from people that are full of obscenities.

I am tired of being dictated,

and for a second I think how nice it would be to live in a place all liberated,

where nothing else triumphs over equality and development,

and people don't fight over beef and religious sentiment.

But I am a mere cattle class,

entangled in love and despise like the rest of the mass.

With limited means I have no where else to go,

so I sit and wait here and rant about the things that I wish would go.

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