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The Sanatorium

Author: Sarah Pearse

Pages: 427

Words: 118000 approximately

Words can’t describe how bored I felt while trying to finish this book. I assumed it would be a thriller, and perhaps to all those people whose reviews were published it was, however it failed to build any ounce of thrill inside me. I don’t want to hurt the author’s feelings and that’s why I would say that she genuinely tried to write a good book. It just came out as bland and flat writing. The story fails to build up which is unexpected of a thriller. The characterisation is hollow. The scene descriptions are not vivid. The writing is amateurish. I don’t know how it was the Sunday time’s ’best seller’. But then If I go down that lane, many indie authors are bound to come up as much or perhaps more flat writers than Pearse. I can’t believe I am saying this but a Bhagat’s book is a better read than this particular piece. Also, an unpopular observation, that best sellers are not always the most enjoyable books.

So why did I and most importantly how did I finish a book that I found so boring? Because, I feel as a reader I owe it to the writer. Writing a book and then going through all that trouble to publish it, is by no means an easy feat, and I have great respect for every single author with a published book no matter how mediocre or amateur or incredible the writing is! A printed published book is a hard proof of diligence, hard work and perseverance and by finishing a book that I started is my way of acknowledging all of that. And also I am a bookworm.

4/10 for this storytelling!

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