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The unmarriageable man

Author: Ashok Ferrey

The saying that never judge a book by its cover has its own importance. I don’t abide by it always. Every now and then I get disappointed by my lack of abidation. And at the same time I am rewarded by some mundane beautiful underrated stories, just because of the same habit! My last two reads are spot on examples of both sides of this coin. Immigrant Montana gave me less than what I was expecting from it and The Unmarriageable man gave me more than what I expected .

A young man from a small town of Srilanka and his story of making it reasonably big in the UK while coping with the death of his ever bullying father in a twisted and wierd way. His first sexual encounter with a much older married woman and getting to know secrets about family members that otherwise he wouldn’t ever know! A simple plot but an effective storytelling.

If you are a fast reader like me, this book could be a weekend's quick and easy read!

Ashok Ferrey has done an incredible job in creating this story and I would keep an eye out for more of his creations!

A 9/10 for this book.

The unmarriageable man in Montreal!

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