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Author: Stephanie Rowe

Total pages: 314

Total approximate words: 91000


Satan’s former apprentice Paige Darlington, quits working for Satan and is now living a new life with her friends, who are also immortal like her and have otherworldly powers. While she was enjoying her time away from hell (literally), Satan secretly put an evil wraith in her who was in the process of slowly consuming her soul to turn her into the most destructive destroyer of all the worlds. On the other hand, when Satan Jr comes to know about the evil wraith in progress, he sends an assassin, Jed Buchannan, who is also a shadow warrior, to bring Paige to him. In return, Satan Jr promises to release Jed’s brother Raphael who was being mercilessly tortured by him for some other reason. Obviously, when Jed and Paige see each other, they fall in love. The rest of the story is about how Jed tries to save Paige from turning into an evil wraith while disobeying his boss’s direct orders, and also somehow ends up saving Raphael from being taken by him too.

How do I like the book?

If I was a nineteen-year-old, I might have actually enjoyed the characterization, and the occasional soft porn that the plot had while showing Paige’s and Jed’s romance. Too bad I am almost 32! The narration has some humor in it in how it describes Satan’s character, his broken heart, and his machoism in considering destroying the world as an act of revenge. Also, the relationship dynamics of Satan and his son Satan Jr are pretty amusing. At its best, the plot is a Juvenile imagination, without much depth. Gets monotonous with the repeated lovemaking scenes. (Hurray for people who like steamy scenes!) The characterization is comparable to Netflix’s LUCIFER. Part of me even considered the possibility that the creator of Lucifer might have got the idea from this book! Guess we will never know!

I might never pick up this book ever again unless it’s the last book left in the world to read. On that note, I would rate this book a 5/10.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal reading and understanding of the book with my own limited experiences and knowledge. It doesn’t guarantee the same level of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction to other readers and the reviews could vary from individual to individual.

Nevertheless, happy reading!

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