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Author: Amish & The Immortal Writer’s Centre

Pages: 325

Total approximate words: 81000


I have read almost all of Amish’s books (my sister’s recommendations), and have never been disappointed. I have also read a lot of other mainstream ‘hyped’ Indian authors. The difference is massive. From the quality of narration, to the plot development, to the attention to details. This particular book, however was different. Or at least it appeared so from the book cover (no, not the cover design). This book is a combined effort of Amish and his own group of writers under the name “The Immortal Writer’s Centre”. Amish has written briefly about it before beginning the story. So, I would be lying if I say that I didn’t have my doubts. As I started reading it, my doubts were immediately and happily erased by the narration, just within the first few pages. I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in just two days. The story is above average, and Amish sticks to what he does best, historical and mythical characters and their stories in defending their motherland. The plot has its own fair share of twists and surprises. The writing flow is smooth and each character has been given sufficient depth. Despite being a reasonably thick book (81,000 words), it at no point made the story feel like a drag. The narration has a lot of war scenes (classic Amish), and each scene are explained with such wit that the descriptions doesn’t feel like a cliché and subjugates monotony. The writers have beautifully and patiently crafted quite a few scenarios where each aspect (religious, social, political) have been beautifully described through the characters in the story. One of the major drawbacks of any narration is when the protagonist is displayed as the all-perfect individual, and all other supporting characters are shadowed by the only ever and always shining protagonist. Amish does not do that with his stories. He intricately describes each and every character and makes them all stand out, along with portraying that no hero is invincible, not at all times.

To say it is ‘just a good book’, would be utterly undermining it. SUHELDEV is a brilliantly written book by Amish and the Immortal Writer’s Centre. A must read for all book lovers out there, all over the world. It does not have any PG (Parental Guidance) rating, hence can be read by all age groups. In the sea of mediocrely (and sometimes poorly) written fictions by so many Indian authors, Amish’s books save the day (along with a few handful others).

It is a bang on 9.5/10 stars.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal reading and understanding of the book with my own limited experiences and knowledge. It doesn’t guarantee the same level of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction to other readers and the results could vary from individual to individual.

On either case, happy reading!

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