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Author. Nora Roberts

Total approximate words. 55000

Pages. 216

Temptation is the second book of 2022, that I have laid my hands upon. I have bought it so long ago, that I don’t even remember when. The previous book that I read before this one was To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. It was an intense reading, and Nora Robert’s Temptation was just the right book to pick after.


The story revolves around Eden Carlbough, who lost all her family wealth after her father passed away leaving behind only bad debts for her. After losing almost everything and a fiancée who left her because of her situation, Eden decides to start afresh by starting a summer camp for girls along with her close friend Candy. It is here that she meets Chase Elliot, owner of an apple orchard, and the man with whom she eventually falls in love with.


It is an easy-going romance fiction without the complexities of a classic love story (Pride and Prejudice, or Wuthering Heights, for instance), both in terms of story and its narration. The writing is easy to understand, and the narration was not overly detailed, which was also why it wasn’t a boring book at any point of reading. I would have enjoyed it more ten years ago, when I still had delusional fantasies about falling in love (I am a much more practical person now 😊). All in all, a good pick, if you are looking for a read for a few lazy afternoons. I would give it a 6.5/10.

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