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Author: Dan Brown

Pages: 590

Total approximate words: 1,94,000

Wow what a read! My absolute good fortune to be able to get my hands on such incredible books, that too, back-to-back (I read The Martian before reading this book, check the review here, I was almost sad as I reached towards the end pages, realising that I would have to part ways with Robert Langdon, and Sophie, and Leigh Teabing, and almost every character that I came to learn about through this thriller of a book.

Wouldn’t want to give any spoiler alert by writing much about the story. It is a thriller & suspense novel, with conspiring stories about one particular religion. There is a lot of chase involved between the characters, as they venture out to find the ultimate truth which is also a secret. The chase has endless cryptographic riddles, limited time, the police, and some secret society involved.

The story has twists and surprises like any good thriller fiction, and a decent amount of drama. The story continuously develops with every chapter and builds on the suspense. Excellent plot making and character detailing. The vocabulary used reflects that the writer is a native English speaker, and that made me look up the meaning of quite a few words in the dictionary (I actually like it, as it helps me learn new and fancier words for my own writings). Despite being a bulky 590 pages, at no point did it feel like a drag, or even monotonous. The details about the historical references, including people and places is described with such aptness that it reflects the generous amount of research that has gone in the making of the story. It is a feel-good factor for me, when the author does this kind of due diligence, and treats its readers as someone who would appreciate the details that all the ground work brings in for the creation of a beautiful narration.

If you like reading thrillers/suspense fiction novels, this book is a no brainer. I would rate this book a straight up 9/10.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal reading and understanding of the book with my own limited experiences and knowledge. It doesn’t guarantee the same level of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction to other readers, as well as the reviews could vary from individual to individual.

Nevertheless, happy reading!

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